SERVPRO of Laguna Beach / Dana Point Employee Photos

Hard Working Crew

Our guys work various hours around the clock to make sure every job we have is done professionally and expeditiously.

Hard Worker at Hand

One of our crew members ensuring that the newly dried room is also vacuumed correctly. Every step is important to making sure that we get the job done right the first time.

Group Photo

This is just some of our hardworking SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point crew members who sign up to work 24/7/366, in shifts of course. :) Let us be the ones you call to help make your emergencies disappear.

Large Loss Project Manager Zach

Zach has been with our SERVPRO for three years but has over 8 years Restoration and Remediation experience. He is one of our go to guys for handling Large Loss jobs and Commercial Management with his extensive background in losses ranging from $100,000 to $2.3 million in loss. He brings to the table the knowledge and know how for the step by step process of making disasters disappear. When he isn't busy working for you on site, he is at the office preparing estimates and brushing up on the newest technology and techniques to make sure the jobs get done right. He is IICRC Water Restoration Technician Certified along with many other certification. Zach is originally from St. Louis and enjoys hockey as his go to sport.

Office Manager Melissa

Melissa has recently joined our SERVPRO family to help increase our ever-expanding team of experts. She has seven plus years in helping customers understand their insurance policies and are a quality control claims specialist with analytical skills that are second to none. She has a deep understanding of what it takes to run an office and keep everyone on track. She truly is a team member and it is only further helped by her personal love of playing shortstop for her city softball team. When she is looking to take a break from the everyday hustle she enjoys sitting and cheering on her favorite basketball team. GO CLIPPERS!

Human Resources Sian

Sian is our go to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and all around Welcoming Committee for new employees as the head of our Human Resource Department. She stays on top of all final processing for jobs completed and always makes sure to have time to help the crew with time card questions. When she isn't being hounded at work by our employees for vacation time inquires, she can be found at a good concert or local music event.

Estimator Matt

Our go to guru when helping from start to finish any estimate that passes through our office is Mr. Matt. He has over 5 years experience in handling daily estimations that range from water to mold to fire and to cleaning. He has overseen the training of several of our field estimators and is always making sure that any checked out job is properly checked back in at days end. When Matt isn't taking over the estimation world he is still doing so via down time at home playing Xbox One. He also enjoys fishing with his brother and visiting with family. Let's hear it for Matt!

Account Manager Sara

Sara is our SERVPRO go to guru for all things involving Property Management. She has over ten years experience in serving property management needs, realty needs and has extensive background knowledge in customer sales and correspondence. When not in the field she enjoys reading, spending time with her family, or being at peace with the world via yoga. Welcome to the team!

Project Manager Aaron

Aaron has been with our SERVPRO going on seven years now, but has an extensive background in restoration for nine plus years. He has gone through rigorous training to become Water Restoration Certified, Bio-Clean Certified, and Fire Restoration Certified. He has taken many courses to ensure his continuing education in the water/fire/mold clean up industry. He is always welcoming with a warm smile and happy attitude to every job. When Aaron isn't at work he enjoys spending time with his family and keeping up with Colts.

Project Manager Jonathan

Jonathan has been with SERVPRO going on over 7 years. He has taken a number of certification classes and has managed well over large loss jobs that have totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss. He is capable and efficient in handling all equipment, personnel and job site safety requirements to make sure that each job assigned to him gets resolved and finished expeditiously.He is IICRC Water Restoration Technician Certified along with many other certification. Se Habla Español. When he isn't at work or on call with SERVPRO he can be found making his daughter giggle and spending time with his family. Thanks Jonathan.

Project Helper Adam

Adam has been with our company going on two years now. He is versatile in in a number of projects we have regarding contents pack out and pack back. Proficient in handling a variety of situations involving organizing our warehouse, working with our cleaning crews and making sure that our crews get to and from locations in a timely manner.Se Habla Español. When he isn't hard at work with SERVPRO, Adam enjoys spending time with his family and kids. A big time family man with a big heart.

Crew Chief Blake

Blake has been with SERVPRO for several years. He has a great work ethic and wonderful customer service. He is ECTP certified and is always prompt to every job he is assigned to assist. When he isn't working or on call, he can be found enjoying motocross and dirt bike riding with his friends and family members.

Crew Chief Jesse

Jesse has been in the Water & Fire Restoration business for over 3 years. He has shown time and again that his experience and knowledge in handling demo work and drying is truly an asset to our company. He has a vast knowledge in the equipment used on each job site and is always available to lend a helping hand. When he isn't working hard at SERVPRO, he can be found with a smile with his friends and family.

Crew Chief Julio

Julio has a vast array of experience in construction and demolitions, but now that he is with us at SERVPRO he is also putting his deep knowledge of structures to good use to help locate and restore damages done via water, fire or mold. He has taken several courses to further his education in the restoration services, such as ECTP, WRT, ASD and CCT. When he isn't working for us day in and day out, he is spending time with his family and enjoys keeping up with the latest in sports. Se Habla Espanol!

Technician Blas

Blas has been with our company going on two years. He has been one of our best multi-skilled employees in such a short time frame. He has a specialty skill in cabinetry, mechanic work and over all handy man for a variety of repair jobs we receive.Se Habla Español. When he isn't hard at work, he is found at home with his family or working on his hobby of rebuilding a variety of vehicles. Smart and hardworking in an all around way, we are happy to have Blas working with us.

Technician Joel

Joel is one of the newest members of our team, but we are lucky to have him and his many years experience in water and drying restoration. He is no stranger to structural integrity for fire claims. Joel is ECTP certified and one of our best technicians for the days in and out of work. He is one of our top mold remediation members that gets every corner of an affected area clean from infested mold. When not living in the fast lane of SERVPRO he is doing so with his motorcycles and family.

Technician Leo

Leo is one of our best repair men on the job. He is great at all demo work, has an eye for detail, is on time to every job day or night and never gives less than 110%. He is able to step up to a variety of jobs be it water damage, fire restoration or a mold issue in a home. We are lucky to have such an employee working with us to support our customers. Se Habla Español. When Leo isn't helping to take SERVPRO to the next level in customer satisfaction, he is at home with family or following his favorite sports teams.

Repair Man Jose

Jose has been with part of the SERVPRO family for several years now. He is skilled in several specialties of repair work such as cabinetry, tile work, flooring, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling and a vast variety of other repair skills.Se Habla Español. When he isn't at work, he enjoys riding around on his motorcycle to get to his favorite spots in the community.

Repair Man Mario

Mario is an expert at drywall and tile foundation. He can spot a mistake a mile away and fix it within a minute. He is a gentle giant in stature and is always willing to lend a helping hand around the office. Se Habla Español. When not involved with his on site duties, he is found riding on his motorcycle getting home to spend time with his beautiful kids. We're happy to have him with us here at SERVPRO.

Repair Man Roberto

Roberto is one of our go to men when it comes to repairing the damages post drying or cleaning of a home or commercial loss. He has years of experience that have launched him into a world of knowledge to handle a variety of jobs involving repairs for cabinetry, flooring of all kinds, walls, building structures, bathrooms, kitchens and a long list of other specialties.Se Habla Español. When he isn't working hard for us at SERVPRO, he can be found enjoying his time with family at home or working on his Harley.

Warehouse, Cleaning & Contents Manager Mike

Mike has been in the industry of contents pack out and contents pack back for over 5 years. He has worked with large loss commercial companies that have loss claims totaling over $150,000.00. He over sees production of cleaning saved items and organizes specialty restoration for content items with special needs. When he isn't making sure that our warehouse is in tip top shape, he likes to spend time with his daughter or meet up with friends at a local good eats place. Thanks Mike for being a part of our SERVPRO family.

Warehouse, Cleaning & Contents Dora

Dora has been with our company for over a year and a half but has had a cleaning and restoration background for over ten years. She is polite at every site and careful with every item that is cleaned, boxed, and packed away. She has extensive background knowledge in chemicals used for the day to day cleaning and has a set structure way of making sure that when she cleans a home and it's contents, that it only needs to be done once. Se Habla Español. When she isn't being a superstar at SERVPRO, she can be found enjoying time with her kids and grandkids at home.

Warehouse, Cleaning & Contents Nabor

Nabor is one of two of our male crew members for Warehouse, Cleaning and Contents. He has a knack for being able to see just how to move furniture in a way that will be safe and beneficial to the needs of each cleaning and restorative job he is involved with. Nabor has over three years experience in specialized cleaning for household items that include specialty carpets, various wooden furniture items and in handling the cleaning of various porcelain belongings. Se Habla Español. When not being one of our valued members in the field, he is with a smile providing the best BBQ in town after work for the hungry hard working crew. Thanks Nabor for being the resident chef.

Warehouse, Cleaning & Contents Janet

Janet has over five years experience in contents and cleaning. She has helped to restore and service many large loss homes and commercial jobs that range from water and fire damage to mold and biohazard emergencies. She knows how to clean and maintain equipment for our field technicians and stays on top of office appeal as well. Se Habla Español. When not staying focused at SERVPRO she can be found spoiling her kids at home and spending time with family.