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Air movers drying entry way.

Staying Ahead of the Clock

Water Damage Restoration in Laguna Beach, CA

When water damage strikes, time is of the essence. The passing hours and even minutes increase the risk of mold growth or decay setting in. Our teams are faster to any size disaster and bring a wealth of technology and training to mitigate water damage and get your home on the road to restoration!

Hallway with drying equipment and floodcuts.

Repairing Your Property Is Our #1 Priority

When our SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point team receives your call, we will quickly pack up our equipment and respond to your loss! Getting your property back up and running after a water, fire, or mold damage event is our #1 priority!

Exposed ceiling in home after a garage.

A Storm Can Allow For Water Enter Your Property

A storm in the Laguna Beach area damaged the roof and allowed for water to leak into the home. This caused damage to the ceiling and the walls inside the property. We removed the damaged drywall and ceiling and dried out the property before we repaired the affected areas.

Flood cuts in a home.

What Are Flood Cuts?

After a water loss in your home or business in Aliso Viejo, CA, you might see our crew cut these holes in your walls. When doing this, we are removing the affected areas of the while without having to remove it all, while also allowing for our fans to dry behind your walls.

Wet flooring.

Powerful Extraction Equipment Assists Us During The Mitigation Process

Our SERVPRO team uses powerful water extraction equipment during the mitigation process to quickly remove any standing water before getting started on the drying process. If your home or business in Dana Point suffers from a water leak, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO team a call today - (949) 831-6201.

Drying equipment on cement floors.

Water Can Cause A Ton Of Damage

A water loss can cause a ton of damage to your property. In this case, the flooring and drywall had to be completely removed from this Laguna Beach home due to the damage.

Drying equipment in hallway of home.

Water Cleanup Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Having a water leak occur on your property in Dana Point is inconvenient and stressful. The cleanup process after a leak is not always as easy as it seems, as much of the water gets absorbed by the flooring and walls of your home. 

Air movers in a laundry room.

We Can Clean Up After A Washing Machine Leak

If your washing machine leaks and leaves behind a wet mess in your home in Laguna Beach, CA, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO team a call! We can help with all the mitigation needs.

Drying equipment on floor and flood cuts.

Call SERVPRO when noticing first signs of water damage!

A quick response to your water damage event is important! Waiting to call your local water damage specialist can result in costly secondary damages such as mold damage. Avoid further damage by calling SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point today!

Mold growth on wall.

Mold Can Quickly Spread Out of Control

A mold infestation can quickly grow out of control. If your home in Laguna Beach is suffering from a potential mold infestation, don't wait! Call our SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point team as quickly as possible. Some types of mold produce properties that can lead to health effects in people present.

Drying equipment in kitchen.

Smal Leak Can Lead to Extensive Damage

This home in Laguna Beach suffered from a water leak in the kitchen. Since water will migrate as far as it possibly can, the water damage stretched throughout several rooms on the lower level.

Drying equipment in room.

Drying Out Livingroom After Leak

Our SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point team is the #1 leader in residential water damage cleanup and restoration in the Laguna Beach area. Our crew is currently working hard on getting this home back to normal after a leak.

Drying equipment in action.

Water Damage? Don't Worry!

If your home or business in the Dana Point, CA, suffers from a water damage event, don't worry! Our SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point team is the local leader in water cleanup in the area and we are dedicated to being by your side after a disaster.

Drying equipment in kitchen.

Water Removal in Laguna Beach

If your home or business in Laguna Beach suffers from a water leak, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point team a call for your water removal and drying needs! Our technicians are always here to help!

Drying equipment dying.

Expert Water Cleanup Service in Laguna Beach

Even a minor water leak in Laguna Beach needs expert drying and cleanup services to avoid potential damage. SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point is the leader in water cleanup and restoration in the area. If disaster strikes, call us today - (949) 831-6201.

mold growing on sheetrock in laguna beach kitchen under the island

Water damage can cause mold growth quickly

This Laguna Beach homeowner learned how quickly mold can form after water damage.

We arrived and began to set up the proper containment to protect the rest of the house! They were appreciative of how quickly we sprang into proper action to remediate the mold in their home.

Supply line water leak has left puddles of water on the floor

A supply line leak can lead to major water damage

Supply lines can create major issues in your home. 

This homeowner learned that lesson when the dishwasher supply line had a crack in the hose. Vast amounts of water spewed all over the kitchen and lead into the living room as well. We worked quickly to cleanup the water damage and prevent secondary damage.

Inside of mold remediation containment there sits a green dehumidifier

Mold remediation is a tedious process

SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point is prepared to remediate the mold that has infiltrated your home!

Here in Dana Point, this homeowner thought they had a leaky pipe. But after the water cleanup process began we quickly discovered that mold had formed and spread. All mold needs is moisture to feed it and the growth can be fast and vast!

A home with water damage required sheetrock removal as well as green air movers to properly dry the affected area

When your Laguna Beach home is affected by water, we can help

Water damage no matter the source, required proper mitigation to prevent secondary damage.

Our team of mitigation experts will provide water cleanup services in a timely manner to help prevent the possibility of mold forming due to the excess moisture in your home.

exposed interior wall with mold growing in the framing as well as the insulation

Mold only needs a small amount of moisture to grow

When moisture finds it way into a small space it can be the beginning of something terrible.

With the right amount of moisture mold can become a huge problem. Let our team properly mitigate your water damage to prevent secondary damage.

wood flooring in a kitchen with mold forming

Secondary damage can be more expensive

It is important to know how to properly dry water damage in your home.

When a valve breaks or a pipe leaks the secondary damage can be worse and more expensive to restore. Know what to do while you wait for help to arrive.

Interior of a wall that has mold growing in the form of small black spots.

Moisture in any form can cause mold to grow

Moisture in your home can open the door for mold to form.

When moisture finds its way into your home or business, it can not only cause water damage but it can form mold as well. These spots of mold growth are a result of high humidity inside of a wall space.

Garage full of storage items that have major smoke damage

When a fire damages your home we can help you

Fires leave behind a film of smoke and soot on every surface of your home.

Smoke and soot will land on every surface and it can be difficult to clean depending on what caused the fire and what other items were burning as a result. This will determine how our fire restoration technicians will restore the damage.

Water damage in Lantern Village

When we arrived to this Lantern Village home, we immediately saw the water all over the floor. It had come from the office bathroom. We began extraction and set the proper drying equipment to get the home dried as quickly as possible.

Properly drying flooded kitchen

SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point is working hard to get this kitchen back in order after it flooded.  This homeowner called for help and we responded quickly.  We removed the damaged materials including, floors, cabinets and sheetrock.  We then set our drying equipment to get the area dried properly and to prevent mold growth.

Helpful Moisture reading equipment

SERVPRO of Laguna Beach has high tech equipment that aids them in getting the job done right. This photos shows hour thermal moisture meter in action.  This tool helps us find the moisture hiding inside your floors and walls.  

The importance of protective gear

When cleaning up after demolition in your home, it is important to wear the proper protective gear. The white suite protects your skin from exposure to harmful particles.  Goggles, breathing masks and gloves protect other vital areas from exposure as well.

Working hard to make it "Like it never even happened."

When this Laguna Beach home owner arrived home to a flooded kitchen they called us for help. We arrived quickly and began water mitigation services. We were also able to complete the rebuild of their kitchen as well.

Tackling proper water mitigation technique

Arriving to this Laguna Beach home we immediately began to remove the wet and damage materials from the home. We then set up our drying equipment to get the structure dried properly, avoiding secondary damage.

Experts in Water Mitigation

In Dana Point this homeowner experienced water damage due to a dishwasher leak. Most of the wet materials were behind the sheet rock. SERVPRO of Laguna Beach / Dana Point drilled the proper holes in the materials to allow air flow to dry properly.

Water damage turned mold removal

In Laguna Beach we responded to a basic water loss. When we arrived it was extremely evident that the water had been causing mold for quite some time! We immediately set up containment and began the mold removal.

Mold Remediation requires an expert!

Have you discovered Mold lurking in your home?  Here at SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point we have trained experts who can find and remove any and all mold in your home or place of business! Let us be the expert you call first!

Do you know what is behind your dishwasher?

After this South Laguna homeowner came home to water in all in their kitchen floor we were forced to move their dishwasher to do the proper clean up. Much to our dismay, we found all of this mold growth living behind it. Sometimes we don't know we have ongoing moisture issues. Fortunately they called the right people and we were able to put it back, "Like it never even happened."

Cabinet Removal After Water Loss

This kitchen was heavily damaged when this home experienced a water loss from a broken pipe. We had to remove most of the cabinets to restore the kitchen. If you have a water loss like this, call SERVPRO.

Kitchen Restoration

This kitchen needed a full restoration after a large water loss caused a lot of damage. Our team was able to complete the restoration quickly and left the home looking "Like it never even happened."

Ceiling Water Damage

The ceiling in this image was damaged by a water loss from an upstairs pipe that broke. We were on site quickly and immediately started working to remove wet, damaged material and set up drying equipment.

Containment In Place

When you have a water or mold loss, we want to make sure that contaminants don't migrate to uncontaminated portions of your home. That is why we use containment barriers like the one pictured here.

Desiccant Dehumidification

Because mold spores are everywhere, it is important to quickly get rid of the moisture that helps them grow after your home or business has been affected by a water loss. If you have a water loss, give us a call!

Containment Barrier

You will often see us using containment barriers on jobs involving water or mold cleanup. These containment barriers are put in place to prevent contaminants from migrating to uncontaminated portions of your home or business.

Drying A Wall

After performing the flood cuts on this wall to remove the damaged material after a water loss, we placed the drying equipment you see here to help dry it out. If your home experiences a water loss, call SERVPRO!

Boarding Up Your Home

When a disaster strikes leaving your home open, it also leaves it vulnerable to wildlife, the elements, and unfortunately, looters. SERVPRO can help secure your home through our board up services. Just give us a call!

Drying Hardwood Flooring

Often, you will see us using drying equipment such as what you see pictured here to help speed up the drying process after a home or business has suffered a water loss in order to mitigate further damage. 

Kitchen Remodel After Water Damage

When the kitchen in this image suffered heavy water damage, our team was brought in to repair the damage. It resulted in a total remodel of the kitchen. When we were finished, it looked "Like it never even happened."

Kitchen suffered from Fire in CA

This kitchen suffered from fire damage after a grease fire.  The team responded and immediately began cleaning smoke and soot stains.  The kitchen had a total kitchen remodel.  Contact us for your fire restoration emergency. 

Water Cleanup in California

SERVPRO has professional technicians who can respond to your water loss.  They have professional equipment they are trained to use to dry water and extract water.  Contact us for your restoration emergency 24/7.

Garage suffered Storm Damage

SERVPRO responded to this home after a storm.  The garage suffered from a flood after the waters came in under the garage door.  They brought in air movers to dry the floors. 

Bathroom Mold Containment

This bathroom suffered from mold during a bathroom remodel.  SERVPRO came in and prepped the area for remediation.  The drywall was cut to dry the area and restore back to normal conditions. 

Storm Damage after a Sever Storm in CA

This home suffered from large amounts of water in the floor throughout the house after a storm.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began to extract the water from the floor and removed drywall for drying. 

Extracting Water from the Floor

Extracting water is one of the processes SERVPRO uses to get the water off the floor after a water loss.  They use equipment to remove the water and dry properly to ensure no moisture is left for future damages. 

Why is Containment important?

It is very important that mold is treated when discovered in your home.  SERVPRO has special techniques they use to keep the mold from spreading called containment.  They put up plastic to keep from spreading and treat properly. 

Mold Remediation in California

SERVPRO has the expertise to treat any type of mold found in your home or business.  The team came in and cleaned and treated this area professionally to ensure mold would not spread throughout the rest of the home.

Mold found in home in CA

SERVPRO has professionals who are certified in Mold Remediation.  They have the expertise to access and remediate your home if mold is found.  Mold can grow rapidly so contact us 24/7 if found in your home. 

Roof Repair in California

The team at SERVPRO responded and boarded up the roof after a storm in California.  The water was leaking through the roof so they put a board over the damage to keep any future weather from leaking in the home. 

Mold Containment in CA

Mold can spread quickly in your home or business.  It is important to respond immediately to access the situation and remediate quickly.  The team at SERVPRO contained the mold in this home to keep from spreading. 

Smoke Damage after Fire in CA

This home suffered from smoke and soot damage.  The team at SERVPRO has special cleaning techniques to remove the smoke and soot stains.  The team responded and restored this home back to pre fire conditions. 

Fire Damage in Laguna Beach

This home suffered from significant amounts of fire damage.  The fire destroyed the home down to the studs.  SERVPRO arrived immediately to access the fire damage and start the process. 

Home after Storm Damage in CA

SERVPRO of Laguna Beach / Dana Point can respond immediately to your home or business after a sever storm. This room suffered from water damage. Flood cuts were performed to dry behind the drywall. 

Office suffered from Water Damage

Severe storms can happen when you least expect it.  The team at SERVPRO is ready to respond to any size storm.  This office had significant water loss and the team responded immediately to restore office back to normal conditions.  

Storm Damage in California

This home suffered from significant water damage after a severe storm in CA.  The team at SERVPRO has professional air movers and equipment to dry the home quickly.  The area was dried quickly and restored to pre storm conditions. 

Water Loss in Laguna Beach

Our drying equipment is properly placed on this water loss. We responded after a call came in for significant water damage in this commercial facility. We extracted and placed equipment immediately.

Commercial Duct Cleaning in Laguna Beach

This is a church our team was called to help clean the duct works. We have the equipment and training to make sure the air quality is at the best level for commercial facilities.

Water Loss at a Hotel in Laguna Beach, CA

This hotel room had a water loss, and we were called to help mitigate the damages immediately. Once all of the water was extracted we placed drying equipment to get this room ready to be rented.

Water Loss in Laguna Beach, CA

Our team quickly responding to a water loss in Laguna Beach. We were quick to respond and extract water to get this facility dry and back open.

Commercial Water Damage

Responding to a fire and flood at a Hotel in Anaheim, CA. 45 rooms and 10 Floors affected, but we were able to get this Hotel back up and running within the week, making it Like it never even happened.

Large loss equipment traveling to loss site.

Commercial Drying Equipment

Commercial desiccant dehumidifiers for rapid drying of large buildings. When we are on a commercial large water loss, we make sure to bring only the best to dry up the disaster.

4 images of wet cabinets, flood cuts, and floor covers due to mold growth.

Mold Project start to finish

Long-term water leaks can cause damage and mold growth on drywall and cabinetry in a kitchen. This photo shows the stages of repair from start to finish. The homeowner wasn't just happy, they were thrilled and overjoyed with the work.

Drying equipment in big room.

Non Invasive drying

This is water damage in a 4,000 square foot subterranean garage, which houses collectible cars. This technique allows the building owner to not have to worry about finding a location for his vehicles.

Fire damage in large commercial facility.

Large Grease Fire in Anaheim

A kitchen grease fire spread into the seating area of this restaurant. We are in the process of cleaning out and planning out repairs with the company to ensure that we get them back in business as soon as possible.

Moving boxes in kitchen.

Kitchen Pack Out in Laguna Hills

This kitchen in Laguna Hills had a slab leak from above and a growth of mold throughout the walls. The entire kitchen had to be packed out so we could clean and clear the way for future meals to be cooked. Our services for packing our this kitchen took only a few hours.

Shower head with damage.

Smoke Damage to Metal in Laguna Beach Home

These pictures show the damage the smoke does to metal surfaces. The acid in the smoke etches metal. Had these items been cleaned immediately and a metal protecting agent applied this would not have occurred. Because the customer decided to wait they now need to be replaced. Insurance may or may not cover pay for this damage. It is always important to respond as quickly as possible to avoid further damage after a fire.

Cleaning Equipment Before Heading to Newport Coast Job

Regular equipment maintenance is an integral part of a water damage restoration technicians day. We clean our equipment after each use to make remove any possible contaminates that could have snuck into our drying equipment. Here you see a Drieaz evolution dehimidifier being thoroughly cleaned and serviced, after being on a commercial large loss. Does your drying company maintain a strict maintenance schedule of all equipment? If they do not you could be exposing others to contaminates from other job sites. This could lead to possible mold, asbestos or bacteria being brought into your home by a company that should be keeping you safe from these things. Next time you are in need of drying ask your professional to tell you when the equipment was last cleaned and serviced. Then inspect it for your self. To make sure it looks, smells and feels clean.

Disaster Recovery Trailer.

Disaster Recovery Team Ready

The newest baby of the family. This trailer will be stocked and ready to go at a moment's notice for any large disaster in an office or home community. SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point is always #SERVPROReady!

Shot of the office & warehouse.

Our Home Away From Home

A nice early morning picture of one of the few times our main office in Laguna Beach is quiet. Usually we have our employees working as busy as bees to ensure we provide the best quality work for our customers.

Collage of containment set up in room.

Step by Step Containment Built in Dana Point Home

Here we can show you a step by step process of how we are able to contain damage from a ceiling leak into a living room. Minimal damage and a sealed tight drying area. SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point takes every step we can to make any emergency less stressful for the customer. If damages strike your home or business in Laguna Beach, give us a call!

Aliso Viejo Firefighters

Our Account Manager Sara had the privilege of being able to visit on of the Aliso Viejo Fire Stations. They were polite and allowed her to take a few pictures of them as they trained. These men work hard even on their off days. Thank you to the crews of the Aliso Viejo Fire Stations. SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point is happy to be part of the emergency response team that follows this team into any fire disaster.

Images of SERVPRO trucks on site of loss.

SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point Helps with Large Loss

When a fire took place at this hotel over the weekend, it was disaster meets disaster. The quickest way to put out a fire is with water, so the fire damages soon met water damages. SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point was able to assist in the water drying, the fire damages, contents pack out and pack back. We were able to assist in making it look "Like it never even happened."