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How to Protect Your Electronics During Storms

9/12/2023 (Permalink)

When dark clouds gather and thunder rumbles in the distance, the safety of your home becomes a primary concern. While ensuring your physical safety during a storm is paramount, it's equally crucial to consider the protection of your valuable electronic devices.  In this blog, we'll explore practical strategies and actionable tips to help you safeguard your electronics from the fury of storms. From power surges to water damage, we'll delve into the intricacies of weather-related risks and equip you with the knowledge you need to weather any storm while keeping your devices intact. 

Power Surge Protection

When storms bring surges in power, your electronic devices are at risk. A reliable safeguard is investing in high-quality surge protectors. These essential devices divert excess voltage away from your electronics, preventing damage caused by sudden power spikes. Remember to use surge protectors for all your major electronic devices, including computers, televisions, gaming consoles, and home theater systems. Additionally, during severe storms, consider unplugging non-essential devices to avoid potential damage from unpredictable power surges.

Elevated Placement

Another smart approach to protect your electronics is elevating them above potential water levels. Securely mounting TVs and speakers on walls keep them out of harm's way in case of flooding. Elevate other devices on shelves or cabinets to minimize their contact with water in case of leaks. This simple yet effective tactic can go a long way in keeping your electronics safe from moisture-related damage.

Sealed Enclosures

Moisture is a common adversary of electronics, often causing irreversible damage. To combat this threat, consider using sealed containers for storing smaller electronic devices during storms. Smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics can be safeguarded by placing them in airtight plastic bags or containers. Additionally, if you have outdoor electronics like speakers or cameras, investing in waterproof covers can offer an extra layer of protection against rain and humidity.

Surge Suppressors for Data Lines

While surge protectors are commonly associated with power cords, don't forget to extend protection to data lines as well. Ethernet and phone lines can also be vulnerable to power surges during storms. To ensure comprehensive protection, use surge suppressors designed to safeguard data lines. This extra step can prevent damage not only to your devices but also to the network they're connected to, ensuring a more secure and reliable connection.

Evacuation Plan

In the event of severe weather warnings, having an evacuation plan for your electronics can make a significant difference. Designate a safe storage area where you can quickly place your devices in sealed containers or protective coverings. Creating an electronics emergency kit is also a wise idea. Include essentials like power banks, charging cables, and portable storage devices. This kit ensures that even if you need to evacuate your home, your electronics remain protected and ready for use once the storm subsides.

Professional Inspection

Once the storm has passed, it's a good idea to consider a professional inspection to ensure your electronics are still in good condition. While you might not see immediate damage, professionals can identify hidden issues that may have occurred during the storm. They can also conduct testing to verify functionality and address any issues promptly, preventing potential long-term damage that might not be immediately evident.

Safeguard Your Electronics for a Bright Future

By implementing these strategies, you're taking proactive steps to protect your valuable electronic investments from Laguna Beach's weather. Remember, preparedness is key to ensuring your devices continue to enhance your daily life, rain or shine.

For expert advice and restoration services in the Laguna Beach area, don't hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Laguna Beach/Dana Point. We're here to help you weather the storm and keep your home and belongings safe.

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